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Monday, December 28, 2015

EFI Bios tools for ASRock and/or others

So we are going to hack the Windows EFI partition to do this. This will make life easier for all, Who are tired of reformatting usb drives back and forth between DOS-bootable and FAT32 UEFI compatible.

Step:1 Open a command prompt as admin.

Step:2 type in "diskpart" and hit enter.

Step:3 type "select disk 0" and hit enter.

Step:4 type "select partition 2" and hit enter.

Steps "1-4" will need to be repeated again after a reboot, as the partition settings will revert back to default after every reboot.
You will also have to repeat all these steps after every clean install.

Step:5 in the same cmd window, type "exit" and hit enter.

Step:6 unzip all the files to the root of any drive of your choice.

Step:7 open explorer, you should see a new drive most likely labeled "local disk" make a note of the drive letter.

Step:8 In the cmd prompt that you should still have open. Type "copy x:\EFI_tools\*.* z:\" and hit enter.

Note:  "X:" will be the root of the drive you extracted the files to.
             "z:" will be the new drive that you made the note of the drive letter for.

Now if all went correctly you can reboot into the bios setup and select the option "Launch EFI shell from file system device".

Files in the download:
shellx64.efi:                    Full version of shell.efi. *
dmieditx64.efi:        DMI utility for editing DMI info of the motherboard. *
efichkx64.efi:                      Disk check tool for scanning and repairing disk errors. *
efifmtx64.efi:                      EFI disk format tool. *
diskpartx64.efi:                 EFI disk partition tool. *

* All EFI tools tested and working, Should work with all ASRock Boards)